7th International Fair of Defence, Security, Protection and Rescue

Fair date: 20th - 23rd September, 2018 


We invite you to present new equipment and services at the international fair of equipment and know-how for defence, security, protection, rescue and assistance SOBRA, at which world supply meets the demands of the neighbouring regions of Slovenia, Austria, Croatia and Hungary.

Apart from many business alliances, SOBRA also establishes an alliance of trust between the institutions that provide defence readiness, citizens’ security and protection and rescue, as well as with equipment suppliers, civil society, the public and individuals. At the SOBRA fair the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Slovenia, the Slovenian Armed Forces, the Police, the Administration of the Republic of Slovenia for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief, the Fire Brigade Association of Slovenia, professionals and volunteers, economists and experts as well as eminent business providers are all striving for the common good.

The arsenal of equipment and services are complemented by professional exhibitions, dynamic presentations, practical advice as well as business, professional and educational events. For this reason, there is massive fair attendance by members of diffrent forces and voluntary organizations, as well as a wider circle of visitors who take responsibility for the safety of their homes, families and property.

In response to ever-worsening natural disasters, the area of protection and rescue will be highlighted by technical innovations and best practices in the organization and operation of the system for protection against natural and other disasters. The most important voluntary organization of this system in the country is the Fire Brigade Association of Slovenia, which has more than 162,000 members, and in 2018 special emphasis will be placed on fiefihting equipment. Within the frame of the fair, which will be held from 20th to 23rd September 2018, the National Members and Youth Fire Fighting Competition will be held for the Matevž Hacet memorial from 22nd to 23rd September. Participating in this competition will be about 5,000 competitors.

In the fild of internal affirs and policing, state-of-the-art approaches and techniques for ensuring the safety of individuals and communities will be presented. The defence emphasis of SOBRA 2018 will be on national defence in conjunction with the defence strategy of the European Union.

You are kindly invited to successful business cooperation in an alliance of trust and safety at SOBRA 2018!

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Brochure SOBRA 2018




SOBRA 2016


"The sixth International Fair of Defence, Security, Protection and Rescue - SOBRA is the largest such fair in Slovenia. It is a very welcome event for all bodies, services and institutions operating in these areas, as well as for domestic and foreign companies to publicly present their demanding and responsible work, state of the art equipment, extensive knowledge and outstanding achievements. The three fair days were also a great opportunity for the Police, the Slovenian Armed Forces, the Administration of the Republic of Slovenia for Protection and Rescue, the Union of Firefighters of Slovenia and the Mountain Rescue Association of Slovenia, in short all exhibitors, this year from 10 countries, praised the high competence, expertise and innovations that were introduced. The fair also offered the possibility for all operative services working in the field of safety, security and rescue and who closely cooperate on a daily basis to meet in a slightly less formal environment to exchange valuable experience and views. At the same time they could be in direct contact with the visitors, in other words those who expect their help and protection when they are exposed to various risky situations. As such visitors got first-hand information and advice relevant to their safety and their property."

"The event is also important from the perspective of intensive social - political, economic, security, in short, strategic changes that we have witnessed in recent times in the world and in our country."

Quoted from the speech of Boštjan Šefic, State Secretary at the Ministry of the Interior, at the closing ceremony of the 6.International Fair of Defence, Security, Protection and Rescue SOBRA 2016


"SOBRA 2016 International Fair of Defence, Security, Protection and Rescue, has after six years, once again proved that Gornja Radgona is the genuine meeting point for institutions that represent peace, security, protection, rescue and cooperation. Under the slogan "Alliance of Trust", these institutions attracted over 100 companies and agencies that cover the fields of defence, security, protection and rescue, as well as around 14,000 visitors.
As the organiser of the event, it was for Pomurski sejem important the SOBRA Fair showed that after years of crisis the time has come when it is necessary to give those institutions and their content much more attention in terms of financial resources. Peace, security, protection and rescue during natural disasters and other unforeseen events are the prerequisites for sovereignty and freedom, without which there is no successful and happy place of residence in a country or the wider region
At the closing of this year's fair, it was understood that we should continue with this content in the future and to a greater extent include the economy, which in many can find business opportunities.
An important lesson is also that we need, as this time. also in the coming years to pay a lot of attention to young people, their integration into the systems of defence, security, protection and rescue, and to encourage the growth of awareness of the importance of these values and activities in daily life.
We look forward to organizing the 7. SOBRA Fair and we believe that the good results of this year's fair will already be visible in the next one! "

Janez Erjavec, President of the Pomurski sejem Management Board



  • Exhibition space total: 35.000 m2
  • Exhibition halls: 5.000 m2
  • Outdoor exhibition space: 10.000 m2
  • Presentation ground: 20.000 m2
  • Number of exhibitors: 100
  • Number of participating countries: 10
  • Number of visitors 14.000


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