56th International Fair Of Agriculture And Food


AGRA, the 56th International Agricultural-Food Fair, is the largest and most important fair of its kind in Central Europe. This is because it succeeded in bringing to modernity the centuries’ old passion of cultivation of the soil and the experience of producing quality food from the elderly to the new generation. And so it will also be tomorrow, as it ensures the transfer of new business and professional know-how, insight and technologies from the young to a mature generation of growers and processors.

The AGRA Fair 2018 will particularly prove and embody this. Young farmers and rural youth will be intensively involved in the fair’s events. They will present a generation renewal, accompanied by digitalization, innovation, know-how and networking. They will prove that they are on the right track by offring us their own wines, crops and products. Together with them, we will focus our attention on the challenges facing young farmers and the development perspective in agriculture, which are challenges for the survival of humanity and the well-being of all of us in the future.

Striving young producers, with their exhibition spaces and activities, will join the AGRA Fair Partner Country, numerous host regions and countries and the most prominent Slovenian state, chambers, economic and professional institutions. They will be supported by the world's leading brands of agricultural and forestry machinery, novelties in the fild of equipment and means for the production of human and environmentally-friendly food, as well as top-quality produce, food products, dishes, wines and products of the Slovenian food processing industry and supplementary activities of farms.

Presentations by over 1800 exhibitors from more than 30 countries around the world will be energized by professional presentations of indigenous animals, cattle, horses, pigs  and small cattle in stalls and in the arena, presentations of beekeeping, small animals and fih in the pond.

Special attention will be paid to workshops and guided tours in the Fair's central garden, to the permacultural and demonstration gardens and to the permanent hop garden, to the Slovenian vine selection, old varieties of apple trees and forest park plantation, important professional consultations, important business gatherings, professional and social gatherings, as well as markets, tastings, competitions and entertainment events. It is also important that the quality presented at the fair will be professionally evaluated prior to the fair’s opening at the International Assessment of Meat and Meat Products, the International Assessment of Milk and Dairy Products, the International Assessment of Fruit Juices, Soft Drinks and Bottled Water, the Open State Wine Assessment - Vino Slovenija Gornja Radgona, the Honey evaluation with international participation and International evaluation of agricultural Assessment with international participation and the International Assessment of Agricultural Machinery and Accessories. Joining the fair in 2018, will also be the biennial Slovenian Oscars for Packaging, which will present award-winning products as part of the simultaneous International Packaging, Packing techniques and logistics INPAK Fair.

The AGRA 2018 fair will be honoured by visits from European agricultural ministers, high-level economic representatives from all continents and more than 120,000 visitors, of which businessmen, experts, farmers, processors and the most demanding consumers stand out.

Stay professional and business young. Welcome to business and professional cooperation at the 56th International Agricultural-Food Fair AGRA 2018!


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Maribor Development Agency is organizing a business matchmaking event “MEET4BUSINESS” Agra 2018 in Gornja Radgona, Slovenia in the framework of the 56th International Fair of Agriculture and Food Fair AGRA 2018.

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AGRA 2017


''We have come to the end of the 55th AGRA Fair and as organizers we can be more than satisfied with its outcome, because we can talk now about it in superlatives: 1820 exhibitors from 36 countries on an exhibition area of 72 thousand square meters, which is the most that has ever been presented in the history of the Agra Fair. And the partner country was one of the biggest countries in the world. For the first time the People's Republic of China introduced itself with a national presentation of 24 companies. In addition to China, there were a few other countries that were presented for the first time at the Agra Fair. These are those countries which participated in the international conference of Central and Eastern European countries of the 16 + 1 initiative. There were also the most accompanying events, a 160 of them in all, of which over 90 were expert consultations, lectures, round tables on the most topical issues in agriculture and everyday life.

We presented over 1200 medals in six international expert quality assessments, which is 5 percent more than in the previous year. There were also the most eminent guests, to name just a few: from the Minister of Agriculture of the People's Republic of China, four ministers from Central and Eastern European countries and 16 ministerial delegations from Europe. There were many economic delegations. Last but not least, the entire political elite of Slovenia was here, along with the President of the Republic, who opened the fair, the President of the National Assembly and the President of the National Council of the Republic of Slovenia, the Prime Minister, five ministers: for economic development and technology, for labour, family and social affairs and equal opportunities, for defence, for Slovenians abroad and of course the Minister for Agriculture, Forestry and Food , who participated in all important events.

AGRA 2017 earmarked sustainable tourism for development, sustainable farming, and proximity food. If from all the fair content we draw a common theme that intertwined both professional and other events, we could say that it was sustainable development and climate change. Almost all important representatives, both in the field of politics and professions, spoke about these topics.

The participation of all key state professional, business, chamber and state institutions, led by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food, was extremely important for the fair, and apart from the exhibition space, provided the main content of the professional part of the event. It is also important that in Agra 2017 exhibitors did not offer anything and everything, but they offered the best agricultural and forestry machinery, equipment and other things that are intended for agriculture, and they offered that which comes from agriculture in the form of top-quality produce and processed food products.

The common conclusion of the exhibitors and businessmen who visited the fair is that there are many opportunities in the agricultural and food processing industries. We know how to produce top-quality crops, but the price we get is too low. It should also include sustainable development and the prevention of the consequences of climate change. More than 120,000 visitors to the fair in six days, of which over 15 percent were from abroad, are more than we could expect in these droughty August days. It is important that at the fair optimism developed, which is based on satisfied visitors and exhibitors.''

Janez Erjavec, President of the Pomurski sejem Management Board



  • 1.820 exhibitors
  • 36 participating countries
  • 24.000 m2 exhibition space in halls
  • 29.000 m2 outdoor exhibition space
  • 3.000 m2 animal exhibition space
  • 15.300 m2 sample plantations, arena
  • Total 71.300 m2 exhibition space
  • 120.000 visitors



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