55th International Fair Of Agriculture And Food




We kindly invite you to participate in the largest and most important agricultural-food fair in Central Europe, which for the 55th time will open its doors on 26th August 2017, and will
run until the 31st August.

For those of you who offr traditional quality and innovative views of the future, AGRA is an indispensible business, professional and promotional exhibition event. It is unique in attaining specifi target partners with whom you wish to have closer contacts. The fair has the power to attract more than 120.000 quality visitors, who from the neighbouring regions of four countries bring specifi, qualifid and high purchasing power supported by market demand.

Professional and business emphasis of the AGRA Fair in 2017 will be on the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development. In this context, it will be as a comparative market advantage of regions and countries subject to the provision of food from the closer environment. The preservation of untouched nature, natural and cultural landscape will be a magnet for the presentation of sustainable farming and forest management, exhibitions of agricultural animals and specimen crop plantations. In technological terms it will support commercial presentations of top achievements in agricultural technology for highly effient and sustainable farming. Visitors will also be able to see, purchase and taste the best of sustainable produce, breeding, processing, gastronomy and the winebusiness. Standing out among these will be the winners of international quality assessments. The assessments will be held under the auspice of Agra from springtime until August. 

Also in 2017 the AGRA Fair will, while contributing to sustainable supply and self-suffiency, be included in the international space, as presentations have been announced by a number of foreign countries and regions. These will be accompanied by a number of expert consultations, business meetings and counselling, as well as social and competitive content.

Business success at the AGRA Fair is natural; therefore you are cordially invited to a sustainable cooperation.



  • International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development
  • food from our proximity
  • sustainable farming
  • sustainable forest management
  • agricultural technology for highly effient and sustainable farming







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