54th International Fair Of Agriculture And Food

Fair date : 20th - 25th August, 2016



Dear Sir or Madam,


We invite you to reinforce your visibility in the international agricultural and food business and in the profession itself by participating in the AGRA Fair, and that together we increase the visibility and importance of agriculture, food production and the health of both nature and people in this part of the world.


For many years the AGRA Fair has been the largest economic, professional and political event in Slovenia and the wider region. It is economic because over 1.800 exhibitors from 30 countries participate in it. It is professional because all professional institutions are presented, and it is political because the agricultural policy of Slovenia and the EU is presented at the fair.


In the Olympic year of 2016 special attention will be given to the International Year of Pulses (leguminous crops), organic farming, local food supply, forests and wood, and the latest agricultural techniques.


The fair will bring together government rank and professional institutions with providers of cutting-edge technologies, with selected business partners, and with the widest plurality of consumers. They will be brought together by business and professional meetings, live presentations of the latest achievements in breeding, cultivation and production, tasting of award-winning food products, and toasts with the fiest wines.


You are cordially invited to present your achievements at the 54th International Agriculture and Food Fair AGRA 2016!


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Prospect AGRA 2016


Fair Focus 2016

  • International year of pulses
  • industrial hemp
  • herbs and aromatic plants
  • organic agriculture and food
  • food from our proximity - local food supply
  • forest and wood - our wealth
  • agricultural technology for safe and environmentally friendly farming




AGRA 2015


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Specialised and Accompanying programme





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The 53rd International Fair of Agriculture and Food AGRA 2015 in Gornja Radgona will host the fourth International School of Young Breeders which is to be held in the framework of the traditional show of breeding heifers. The International School of Young Breeders, focusing on the professional preparation, command and exhibition of breeding animals at shows, fairs and other public events, is organised by the Slovenian Holstein Association in collaboration with the Department of Animal Science of the Biotechnical Faculty of Ljubljana, the Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry, the Agricultural Institutes of Murska Sobota, Ptuj, Celje, Kranj, Ljubljana, Novo mesto and Nova Gorica, and in cooperation with renowned breeders' organisations for Simmental, Brown and Cika cattle, and the Pomurje Fair. This year's School will be attended by 40 young breeders from Slovenia and five young breeders from Austria.





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The AGRA Fair will be held at the same time as the World Congress of Hemp, at which will be presented global developments in the field of hemp.


Are you a producer or processor of industrial hemp, research institution or an individual, entrepreneur or a decision-maker on a local or national level, who wants to exploit the potential of hemp, get acquainted with technological innovations and new, advanced products from this versatile and useful plant? Would you like to listen to leading world experts in the field of hemp?

Then we invite you to join us at the now traditional event in which Slovene and foreign experts will present:

  • technology, innovations and research conducted in the field of industrial hemp,
  • the role of hemp in the international economy,
  • products and materials from industrial hemp,
  • industrial hemp in agro food technology,
  • medical hemp in reference to international law,
  • examples of good practice at home and around the world.

The congress program and all accompanying activities can be viewed on the following website





We invite you mark the European Year for Development, the International Year of Soils and the International Year of Light by visiting the 53rd International Fair of Agriculture and Food AGRA 2015 in Gornja Radgona. Namely, AGRA is a more than fifty year old event that promotes sustainable development cooperation, promotes the exchange of world public goods for global prosperity, and places Slovenian and European consumers among important actors in the global economy.

AGRA confronts governmental, professional and educational institutions, providers of machinery, equipment and products for agriculture and the food industry with selected target groups of business partners, as well as with the widest group of discriminating consumers. It enables effective meetings at international business and professional consultations, at exhibitions on the latest achievements in agriculture and food, and at live demonstrations of top-quality breeding achievements, crops and products, as well as at numerous accompanying events. It also offers manufacturers of agricultural machinery and food a unique opportunity to confirm the quality of their products at the international quality assessments, which are held under the auspice of the AGRA Fair, and to use the results as effective marketing tools at the fair itself and in future business activities.

From a fertile land AGRA is looking towards a bright and fruitful future! At the fair individuals and businesses are propagating the custom of traditional concern for quality, they present technological and scientific innovations and exchange their best practice experiences. Along with that AGRA is also the best opportunity for sustainable business development. With their collaboration at the fair the most penetrating businessmen and professionals prove year after year that they are the indispensable foundation of a successful economy and prosperity in the neighbouring regions of Slovenia, Austria, Croatia, Hungary and in the wider European area.


AGRA 2015zlozenka A4-ang-prva

Prospect AGRA 2015



  • International year of soils
  • International year of light and based technologies
  • European year for development
  • papilionaceous legumes as a foundation of fertile soil
  • industrial hemp
  • herbs and aromatic plants
  • organic agriculture and food
  • food from our proximity - local food supply
  • forest and wood - our wealth
  • agricultural technology for safe and environmentally friendly farming
  • light pollution





AGRA 2015



  • International Year of Soils
  • International Year of light and based technologies 
  • organic farming and nutrition
  • food from our neighbourhood
  • protection of agricultural land
  • tourist farms with local food offers
  • seeds as the cornerstone of successful agriculture
  • seeds of Slovenian native and domesticated varieties
  • forest and wood, sustainable forestry
  • agricultural technology for safe and environmentally friendly farming and landscape architecture
  • allotments on farms.





  • food and wines
  • modern equipment for the food processing industry, winemaking and viticulture
  • the project "Buy Slovenian" with a presentation and tastings of the best Slovene brands
  • the latest achievements in the field of agriculture, forestry and viticultural machinery, tools and equipment, agricultural constructions and environmental protection
  • seeds, means for nutrition and care of animals and plants
  • market products from supplementary activities on farms
  • market offer of typical culinary specialties from the region of Pomurje and the whole of Slovenia as well as biodynamic, organic and integrated production.


  • the presentation of foreign countries, regions and organizations (Vojvodina, Poland, Romania, ...)
  • international business and professional meetings
  • special day and gathering of the Austrian and Slovenian Styria province


  • the most prominent government, chamber and professional institutions
  • expert consultations, activities and measures, counselling, roundtables and top-class meetings
  • Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food
  • Collaborating will be the Cooperative Association of Slovenia
  • Agriculture and Forestry Chamber of Slovenia
  • the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce - Chamber of agricultural and food enterprises
  • the Forest Service of Slovenia
  • the Slovenian Beekeepers' Association
  • the Association of Tourist Farms of Slovenia
  • the Association of Slovenian Rural Youth
  • many other rank and professional organizations.
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  • professional exhibition of Slovenian indigenous breeds of farm animals 
  • exhibition of cattle of all breeds in Slovenia
  • Slovenian cold-blooded breeds of horses, pigs, sheep and goats, beekeeping, poultry, small animals, fish exhibition
  • one-day presentation of the Karst Shepherd dog
  • tastings of dairy and meat products
  • presentations of breeders' organizations and breeders as well as magazines
  • the awarding of prizes for the best presented cattle and sheep, goats and pigs in the arena




  • green oasis of well-being sample plantations of farm crops
  • permaculture-biodynamic garden
  • vegetables, fruits, nurseries
  • trees, shrubs and wood species from Slovenian forests.




  • 17. National Wood Chopping Contes
  • the heaviest pumpkin competition and a selection of the most interesting collections of decorative pumpkins
  • a tug of war contest
  • a polka dancing contest
  • a football match between Slovenian wine teams.

Family, Social, Educational:

  • Family farms with good practices
  • Representatives of rural youth will meet
  • Horse and carriage rides
  • children's playground
  • ecological workshops
  • Professional tours of the fair
  • a one-day beer festival
  • the 6. Meeting of vintage Steyr tractors.

 DSC 2819



Wine - Culinary:

  • wine and culinary events
  • professionally guided wine tastings
  • wine tasting with the Wine Queen of Slovenia
  • cooking demonstrations and food preparations from products that have received awards in assessments under the auspices of the AGRA Fair and from quality Slovenian vegetables and fruits.
  • presentations and tastings of award-winning meats, dairy products, soft drinks, honey and wine
  • demonstrations on how to make good bread from good flour.




  • Families, groups and youths will be given ticket discounts
  • Children under 7 years of age and disabled persons will have free admission
  • Parking will be free of charge
  • Tickets can be purchased in advance also via the sales network Eventim






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